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First Things First!

Firstly, a very good afternoon from me, Sandra Sayer, how are you doing?

Secondly, I’ve FINALLY managed to grab some ‘me time’ so that I can start work on this blog, hurray!

Obviously, being a ‘poetess’ the first thing I ought to do is gather together all of the poems that I have written and posted on my Twitter feed and create a poetry cateogory (that word has been underlined red, US spelling?) to post them all in, yes?

However my time is EXTREMELY limited, due to kids, dogs, photo shoots and live cam model shows, among other thing…OMG should I now add UFOs and a potential alien invasion to that list?

Apparently, a good manager delegates, don’t ask me who said that to me, I can’t remember, but…can you help? IF you have a bit of free time and would be interested in volunteering for a job that includes scanning my Twitter feed and copying my poems into an email, please get in touch via my Twitter or, you’ve guessed it, by email at sandra@030303.co.uk ha ha!

P.S. It feels SO odd not being able to use emojis after paragraphs, I am way to used to using social media!

I am now freezing, think we’ll get that snow forecast? Am off to get a cup of tea and gosh, it’s lunchtime already, no wonder my tummy is rumbling!


Sandra xxx

Sandra Sayer

British published model, psychic, poetess, doll artist and photographer.