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Where On Earth Am I?

Inward Harmony plays quietly through my headphones, as I sit in the corner of my now rather nippy bedroom, writing this, trying to remind my fingers how to touch type. I did learn the art of putting words together on a vintage type writer during my mid-teens, but, as is probably the same with you, my thumb has done most of the heavy duty work of late. Mobiles, tablets, who needs a desktop computer these days? Well, that’s what I kept asking myself anyway. Yet, here I am, on Earth, theoretically, writing this, what feels like a long time over due blog post, on a, yes, desktop.

New paragraph, so, do I leave it at that for tonight or carry on writing? My heart feels a sense of relief and my mind is already considering various creative avenues, however, my recently worked out ass needs a fuller cushion to sit on and the next photos from my recent only fans photoset won’t upload themselves. Plus, I have the kids to see to, dogs to deal with and a kitchen to clear up.

I am Sandra Sayer and this IS just the beginning. I shall leave you for today with a poem;

Gravity is just a situation
A way of crawling upon a shore
Of emerging from a liquid state
To experience something more
To feel through touch sensations
That only flesh can identify
To remain on solid ground
Rather than float up into the sky
It is not how but what
Are you feeling as you walk
It is not what was written
But the vibration of your talk
Keep your feet well grounded
But let your mind fly free
Remind yourself that Earth
Is not the spirit’s eternity
Heaven awaits

By Sandra Sayer

Sandra Sayer

British published model, psychic, poetess, doll artist and photographer.

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